What happens in Työ-SIB?

What happens in Työ-SIB?

After the Työ-SIB info session registration a career coach will contact you within a week and arrange a first meeting where you will discuss your start in the program. Attending the first meeting doesn’t mean committing to starting in the program but rather you can make the decision after discussing the program with the career coach.

In the first meeting you can get to know the service provider and Työ-SIB coaches. You will discuss your background, career and your wishes regarding job opportunities. You will also plan the service to best meet your needs. The service could in practice be:

  • First meeting and orientation meetings e.g. 2 days/week
  • personal meetings 1-2 times a week
  • Group meetings, job search workshops
  • developing your skills, short courses
  • Opportunity to get a job interview through our contact companies
  • work trial, a pay subsidy opportunity, internships

or any combination of these services. The most important thing is to concentrate on the things that help every person in their respective situations. The content of the program is different to every person depending on their needs. Work life is constantly changing and it’s good to be aware of these changes. Its good to be aware of the know-how and experience required in different positions and to be able to recognize your own strengths and to know how to articulate them to potential recruiters. We all have skills and knowledge that could prove to be crucial in finding work opportunities. The presentation skills and the ability to articulate our know-how are a big part of job seeking process and writing of applications. Social media constitutes today a big part of job application. In Työ-SIB you will find professional help in all these skills. Our career coaches are available, and you don’t have to be alone.

Duration of the program is different to every participant and depends on how fast you can find the work. However, you may return to the service anytime if your work contract ends and we will help you find a new job.

Good to know if you are participating in the program:

  • you get regular unemployment benefit during your participation in the program and you continue as a customer in the TE-office until you find employment.
  • the duration of the program is different to every participant
  • You can return to the program anytime during the program duration (until 2024)
  • The main goal of the program is to find employment. Training and coaching are only tools to achieve this goal.
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