I got an email from the TE-office about Työ-SIB program. What should I do next?

If you have received an email about the program you can register as a participant if you wish to join the program with the registration form. We won’t get your contact information from the TE-office so it’s important to send them through the form. Työ-SIB’s program administrators will choose a suitable service provider to suit your employment needs. You will be contacted within a week of your registration by the service provider.

I was invited to the TE-offices info session, but haven’t been contacted after that. How can I contact the service providers in Työ-SIB?

You have been assigned a service provider who will contact you within one week from the info session. If we are unable to reach you, we will leave you a text message. If you have not been contacted within one week, you can send us an email to info@tyosib.fi.

What is Työ-SIB service like?

Service providers are going to invite you to a first meeting, where you will discuss most suitable way to proceed in the program. The service may include personalized job coaching, group mentoring, workshops or short training through courses.

What kind of job opportunities can we expect to find through Työ-SIB?

Our main objective is to help find a stable and a long-term job opportunities. The job opportunities may be permanent, fixed-term or on-demand. You may get employed directly by an employer or by a firm specializing in recruitment.

Can I get an internship or an apprenticeship training through Työ-SIB?

You may find an intership (työkokeilu) through the program. Apprenticeship is possible if the participant finds an employer who is willing to offer that in agreement with the TE-office. TyöSIB does not have its own apprenticeship opportunities.

I am not sure if I want to start in Työ-SIB. Am I going to face sanctions of my unemployment benefits if I don’t start in työ-SIB? what about if I quit?

Työ-SIB is completely voluntary, and you can decide about starting in the program and stop anytime if your situation changes. If you decide not to start or to discontinue the program you will not be sanctioned by the TE-office. If you start a specific vocational training during your participation in Työ-SIB this may be considered binding, however, this will always be discussed first with you.

Can I search for work independently if I participate in Työ-SIB

You may look for work independently during Työ-SIB. It is recommended to take an active role in seeking a job opportunity.

If I find a job through Työ-SIB will I be paid a regular salary

In Työ-SIB the purpose of the program is to help participants find a suitable job opportunity from open job markets. If you’re unsure of the pay offered in a contract you may ask the career coach to check if the pay corresponds to the collective labor agreements guidelines.

Will I be hired through a zero-hour contract?

Our goal is to help you find a long-term and full-time employment. However, depending on your current situation you may require zero-hour contract/part-time work.  it is possible that the contract is in the beginning zero-hour contract/part-time work. Remember to discuss your preferences with your career coach.

How fast can I expect to find work through Työ-SIB -program?

We have many contacts to different employers ready to offer work. For some it may take only weeks but, in most cases, it takes few months. Our aim is to support jobseekers even after employment and encourage them to remain working.

I found work through Työ-SIB but my contract ended. What can I do?

We hope you contact your assigned career coach directly or send us an email at info@tyosib.fi.


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