Työ-SIB Service Providers

Työ-SIB Service Providers

Our service providers in Uusimaa region are Entry Education, Live Services and Arffman. In Lahti SunUra is our main service provider. In Oulu region Training Center Public oversees our services.

Our service providers have been carefully selected to best correspond to our customers challenges in finding jobs with best possible solutions. Työ-SIB coaches are experienced and according to our customers feedback they are motivating. They have an insight to the local job market situation and a lot of information on fields were one might find work quite fast. Every customer is provided a personalized service depending on the needs of the jobseeker. Different recruiting methods as well as finding hidden jobs are used by job coaches daily. They also have a wide variety of contacts to local companies and employment opportunities.

Entry Education premises are in Helsinki in Kalasatama and Ruskeasuo. Live has its premises in Ruskeasuo as well as Espoo. SunUra office is in Lahti city center in Vesijärvikatu. Työ-SIB coaches may suggest another meeting place with the customers such as a café or a library.


Note: after 16.3.2020 Työ-SIB meetings and trainings are all arranged remotely because of the exceptional situation caused by  the Coronavirus outbrake.


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